No matter where your destination, at home or abroad, now you can achieve a tan worthy of any Latin location!

Our spray cans do not contain GAS, but a vacuum packed bag that allows the product to exit naturally thanks to compressed air.


We check the amount of nickel present in our products for the well-being of people who are allergic.


We perform dermatological tests on our products to ensure the safety of the body areas exposed to treat- ments.


For the highest sun protection we developed a formula for sensitive skin that can also be used on infants from 0+ years old. Allergens free.


In our products we don’t use Oxybenzone ingredient that harms oceans delicate ecosystem.


Our formulas are paraben free. All preservatives are minimized.


In accordance with the European regulations, we oppose to animal testing, we do not use animal origin nor animal exploitation raw materials.


Our formulas are erythrulose free. A tanning component with a very strong smell.

Make Up

Our vegan formulations bring our cosmetics to life.

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Mosquito Guardian

Using natures gifts our range of insect repellents are free from DEET and infused with Neem Oil.

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Our Patented Incremental SPF Builds Protection With Each Layer

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Sunless Tan

Unisex Formulations For All Skin Types

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Hydrating & Sculpting formulations for all skin types

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